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In newer Android phones, a shortcut to the Find My Device service is already located conveniently in your Settings app, but you might still need to download Find My Device from the Google Play Store to get it set up. This locating service has essentially amalgamated with Google to make finding your phone easier. There are just a couple of things you'll need to activate.

How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Tap the back button again in the top left corner to return to the main Settings menu. Should you happen to lose your phone, you can locate its whereabouts by logging into your Google account from any computer or even from another phone. If you are trying to locate your phone with Find My Device and it doesn't seem to be working, the most likely cause is that your phone is not currently connected to Wi-Fi or an available network. In this case, it's important to keep trying; the moment your phone does make that connection, it will appear on the map. If you want to download a tracking app for fear of a missing phone crisis, there are a number of options to choose from, and we're highlighting some choice picks for you.

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This is only a selection of the features available in Find My Device. Hit the guide below for more! It's embarrassingly easy to lose your phone by putting it down somewhere in your house and forgetting where you placed it. This can be frustrating if it's time to leave for work or some other appointment and you're frantically scrambling around your home looking for it. If you own a Google Home speaker , you can use Google Assistant to help find your phone. Your Android phone must be logged into the same Google account as your Google Home speaker, you must have linked your Google account and voice to your Google Home via the Home app, and your phone must be turned on and connected to the internet either via mobile data or Wi-Fi.

You will also need to have Find My Device turned on, which you should absolutely activate for any Android phone you're using. As long as your phone is still on and connected to the Internet, all you need to do is say "okay Google, find my phone," and Google will confirm which device you want to find and then turn the ringer on — even if you have your phone set to silent. With Google Home's multi-user support, everyone in your home can use Google Home to find their phones if they're lost as long as they've linked their Google Accounts to Google Home using Voice Match.

While Google's built-in option is definitely your best bet, there are some third-party options you might want to consider. We've broken down the best third-party apps for finding your phone below.

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The Family Locator app by Life is essentially a GPS tracker for phones but is especially useful for families with multiple phones in use. Your family members become a "Circle", the app's name for a closed group of people who consent to have their phones tracked in real time.

Your family members will appear on live maps within the app as little icons so that you can see where everyone is at any given moment. The app also allows you to chat with people in your Circle or broadcast a meeting time and location. And, of course, if a phone from within your Circle is ever lost or stolen, the app will track it on the map. Download: Family Locator Free with in-app purchases. The Prey Anti Theft app is impressive in that three different devices can be protected through one download.

You'll have the ability to sound an alarm from your missing phone, take screenshots if it's in use, and lock down the device the moment you realize it's missing. Once you've downloaded the app, it will walk you through a series of tutorials to show you how to use your Prey Account to track your phone. The app itself is free and doesn't require additional purchases in order to access the high-end features.

Download: Prey Anti Theft Free. Lost Android will allow you to have remote access to your missing phone via their website. Here, you'll be able to erase sensitive information if you fear that your phone may never be returned, or send messages to your phone in the hopes of someone finding and returning it. Additionally, you can choose to remotely forward any calls you may be missing to another number and record a running list of any calls or messages made or photos taken with your phone.

Download: Lost Android Free with in-app purchases.

How to Track Oppo Smartphone Remotely

Tapping on the Google Maps link brings up a virtual map similar to Apple's, showing you the location within a few hundred feet of the actual location. Where's My Droid lets you change the command key word or "attention word" to wake the unit up, and make the unit ring with a specific tone in case your child has been ignoring the standard ringtone.

Plan B is similar to Where's My Droid, but allows you to install the Mugshot from Kaspersky app after the phone and the user has gone missing. Mugshot from Kaspersky takes photos of the area surrounding the phone, using a remote command you issue. Although this is of limited utility if the device is in a pocket or stuffed in a backpack, if the child is carrying the device you may be able to glean clues as to the unit's location.

Location services for both Apple and Android devices must be activated prior to finding the devices on a virtual map. These services are located in the devices' respective settings or setup folders.

How do you track phone number locations?

It is essential that the unit be charged to locate it. For this reason, it may not be a bad idea to use a family charging station in a central location that you as a parent can monitor, ensuring the device is fresh and ready to go each day.

Locate a phone number

If you only want the phone to function as a location device, you can set a password that only you know for the device. This keeps the battery from draining due to use while preventing removal of or turning off of the location app you need. Always have a verbal or written itinerary in addition to falling back on a location service map. As the Supreme Court mulls over the case of Carpenter v. United States , which may have far-reaching consequences for police who track suspects without a warrant via their cellphones, four engineers at Princeton University have revealed a brand-new method for identifying the location of a cellphone user.

The result of their ingenuity is as remarkable as it is alarming. And while the ramifications of this ability falling into the wrong hands are distressing, the way in which they pulled it off is nothing short of genius. But as it turns out, neither cell-site data nor locational services are needed to track a cellphone owner with GPS-like precision. Your cellphone comes equipped with an amazing array of compact sensors that are more or less collecting information about your environment at all time.

All of this data can be accessed by any app you download without the type of permissions required to access your contact lists, photos, or GPS.

How to find your lost Android phone

Previous attempts to track users with non-critical data have seen only marginal success. This newly discovered method requires none of these. First, for this particular privacy attack to work, the cellphone owner must install an app to gather the information. But in a true threat scenario, the app could be disguised as anything.